About CraigTP's Blog

Wednesday 14 Mar 2018 at 15:55

Welcome to CraigTP's Blog.

My name is Craig Phillips. I'm an experienced senior programmer, analyst developer and Microsoft Certified Professional with a passion for software development.

I specialise in Microsoft technologies and the .NET framework, leading complex and challenging enterprise software development projects to deliver robust, secure, scalable and efficient software solutions encompassing over 20 years of experience in the field.

I'm passionate about the craft of software development and constantly strive to improve myself and those I work with in the pursuit of software craftsmanship, the adoption of best practices and an effective, agile and pragmatic approach to software development.

I've been programming for over 30 years, starting in the early 1980's as a young boy. I have moved through numerous platforms and programming languages over those years including many different flavours of BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, Arexx, C, C#, E and even a little bit of 6510 Assembler! I've enjoyed working with many different machines in that time including many Commodore computers (PET, VIC-20, C64, Amiga 500 & 1200) as well as many PC platforms.

These days, I'm mostly found staring at the Visual Studio IDE, writing C# code in (mostly) ASP.NET MVC projects with SQL Server databases. Throw in some best practice agile techniques like TDD, SOLID-compliance, and a strong focus on iterative development, and I can say that I still love programming today as much as I did when I first discovered it all those years ago.

I maintain a presence on many web sites around the internet. Obviously, this blog is one of them, but you can find links to all my other internet presences including my online StackOverflow Careers CV, my public source code repositories on various project hosting services, along with my email address and other contact details, at my “about me” style landing page, which can be found here:


Please feel free to check out my other presences around the web, or please feel free to contact me via this blog.