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Thursday 06 Sep 2012 at 21:00
Presentation  |  c# security

At my place of work, we have “Thursday Tech Talks” that take place every Thursday afternoon over lunch.  The talks vary in subject matter, ranging from specific technologies through to more general subjects that are relevant to software development and IT in general.  Sandwiches and Muffins are kindly provided by the company so the talks are very well attended - who doesn’t want free sandwiches and muffins? :)

The talks are given by members of staff, and each staff member can offer to talk about a subject that interests them on a company-wide Trello board that we have for just this purpose.  The Trello entries are then voted upon by other staff members, and every week, the person with the highest votes gets to give a presentation to other members of the company who wish to attend.

Well, this past week, it was my turn.  I’d opted to give a talk on Website Security and general security concepts and goals.  We had quite a large turn out for what was my very first time presenting (No pressure then!), and it was both flattering and petrifying giving my inaugural presentation to such a large audience, but it was also very exciting to do.

As mentioned at the talk, I’m making my slides and notes available for all to view and download.  I’ve used Google Docs Presentations (surprisingly good these days!) for the slides and notes, so they’re viewable online by visiting the following link:

Website Security Presentation – Slides & Notes

The entire presentation can be downloaded in a variety of formats (PDF, PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint) etc.) by going to the File > Download As menu.