Upgrading AutoMapper

How to change some boilerplate AutoMapper mapping code that used the static Mapper object in the old version of AutoMapper to easily use the non-static methods of the new version of AutoMapper without changing too much code.

KnockoutJS binding on SELECT elements in a ForEach loop

How I set-up KnockoutJS to bind to select elements inside a foreach loop.

Complex custom validation with ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and KnockoutJS

How I set up some complex multi-property validation using MVC attributes for the server-side and a custom jQuery validation plugin for the client-side.

Using multiple SSH keys for a single host with PuTTY and Pageant

How to configure PuTTY and Pageant to allow use of multiple different SSH keys for the same host.

DDD North 2016 In Review

My review of the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper North (aka DDD North) 2016 conference, held at the University of Leeds.