Blog Posts for category: Development

Complex custom validation with ASP.NET MVC, jQuery and KnockoutJS

How I set up some complex multi-property validation using MVC attributes for the server-side and a custom jQuery validation plugin for the client-side.

Using multiple SSH keys for a single host with PuTTY and Pageant

How to configure PuTTY and Pageant to allow use of multiple different SSH keys for the same host.

Setting up Jenkins on Windows with Git, Mercurial and SSH.

How to correctly setup a Jenkins build server on a Windows machine with Git, Mercurial and SSH too.

Beware NuGet's Filename Encoding

Cautions around how NuGet encodes filenames inside the .nupkg file.

Razor views and automated Azure deployments

Ever had changes to a Razor view file not show up when performing an automatic deployment to an Azure host website? This blog post may offer the explanation.